Training Assistants

The EQUUSOMA® training would not be the same without its international team of training assistants. Approved training assistants have undergone a background review and must have completed the rigorous Somatic Experiencing® training (or a combination of SE™ and other related approaches) along with 3-5 years minimum of providing equine-assisted interventions. In many cases, assistants also come with training or certification in other approaches. 

The assisting teams will be different with each training cohort, based on availability and location. In some cases, assistants are approved who do not meet all the criteria when there are not enough assistants available. Assistants with less experience are paired with assistants with more experience wherever possible.

Assistants volunteer and donate their time and energy to support training participant learning, given the value they place on the learning and the rewards inherent in giving back in the form of shaping a new cohort of students and making a difference for equines.

The following approved assistants are listed in alphabetical order (updated list coming soon!).