Approved Sessions and Consultations

Personal Sessions

The EQUUSOMA™ Basics intensive training is similar to the Somatic Experiencing® training process, which requires that students complete personal sessions in the approach to supplement their learning of the material. Given that this is a training intensive, students are required to complete personal sessions of either Somatic Experiencing® (with or without equines) or equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning (with or without Somatic Experiencing®) prior to attending. For more information, please visit the Registration and Requirements page.


To enhance your integration of the learning in your work with clients, a number of individuals have been pre-approved to provide consultation support during and post-training as well. Consulting 1:1 with a professional with expertise in Somatic Experiencing® and equine-assisted practice about your cases, to discuss concepts, and explore practical application of skills can be a helpful way to deepen your understanding of the material and grow as a facilitator. While completion of consultation hours is not necessary to obtain your certificate of completion in the EQUUSOMA™ Basics training, ongoing consultation is encouraged to support your professional development.

Double Duty Hours

EQUUSOMA™ pre-requisite hours that are completed with SETI-approved session providers at your current level of SE™ training will also count towards your required hours for the Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner certificate (if you are attending as an SE™ professional, provided the provider is approved for your current level).

Pre-requisite hours in either SE™, equine-assisted psychotherapy/learning, or a combination, that are completed for EQUUSOMA™ training may also count towards the certification requirements of other EAPL programs.

Interested Providers

If you are interested in applying to be an approved provider of personal sessions and consultations to support students in the EQUUSOMA™ training, please review the pre-requisites here. Does someone you know meet the criteria but is not on the list? Please have them send their résumé or CV to

Current Providers

The following is a list of EQUUSOMA™ training approved personal session providers (or approved workshop providers, to replace the personal session requirement in cases where sessions are not available). Please refresh this page for updates to see new providers as they are added to the list.