Approved Sessions and Consultations

A number of individuals have been pre‑approved to provide consultation support and personal sessions to enhance your integration of the material on a personal and professional level.

The personal sessions are educational in nature and do not constitute formal psychotherapy, unless you decide to embark on a process of formal psychotherapy with a particular provider. 

The consultations can be done to discuss cases as well as review theory and concepts.

We encourage you to obtain sessions and consultations from a variety of providers so that you may benefit from their diverse experience, education, backgrounds, and styles.

EQUUSOMA®-Approved Providers

ALL STREAMS: The following is a list of EQUUSOMA®-approved providers for sessions and consultations involving the integration of the material in the context of the horse-human relationship. Please refresh this page for updates to see new providers as they are added to the list (updated list coming soon!).

SETI-Approved Providers

STREAMS 1 and 3: A certain number of personal sessions of Somatic Experiencing® (with or without horses involved) are required. Aside from the list of providers in the previous section, the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute maintains a list of approved providers around the world offering personal sessions that count towards the SE™ certificate that will also count towards the EQUUSOMA® certificate for students in those streams. Please note that the majority of the SETI-approved session providers are typically working with humans exclusively and do not necessarily have horse or equine-assisted intervention experience.

  • Africa (South Africa)
  • Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan)
  • Australasia (Australia, New Zealand)
  • Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom)
  • Middle East (Israel, Turkey)
  • North America (Canada, USA)
  • South America (Argentina, Brazil)
  • South East Asia (India)

In the case where students are located in a country or area where there is a lack of approved providers, it is possible to complete these hours by phone or video call (without horses, evidently) with an approved provider located anywhere in the world.

Other Options

STREAMS 1 and 3: If you live in an area where there are no SETI-approved providers, it will then be possible to select a local Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) with whom to complete your personal sessions.  For a list of SEPs by country, please visit the following links to national affiliate organizations:



Czech Republic




Israel and the Middle East



North America (USA, Canada and international listings, including for countries that do not have their own association)


Other European Countries


South America




The Netherlands

United Kingdom

*Please note that some of these directories are paid membership-based and do not reflect the entire list of available SEPs in a given area.

Double Duty Hours

STREAM 2: Students that are concurrently enrolled in the SE™ and EQUUSOMA® trainings may opt to complete their required personal session and consultation hours with providers that are approved by both SETI and EQUUSOMA® (so long as the provider is approved for your current level of SE™ training). Students that previously completed their SEP designation and have started EQUUSOMA® training may use some of the sessions and consultations they completed previously as part of their SE™ training (so long as the SE™ personal sessions incorporated equines and the SE™ consultations pertained to the horse-human relationship).

ALL STREAMS: Pre-requisite hours that are completed for EQUUSOMA® training might also count towards the certification requirements of other EAPL programs (for e.g., certification programs that require individuals to explore other models of EAPL as part of their learning or to attend sessions or workshops in EAPL for their own personal growth).


The cost of personal sessions and consultations varies by provider based on a variety of factors (including level of education and experience, cost of office rent and utilities, professional dues, local economy, etc.). Typical hourly rates range from $100 CAD ($75 USD) to $165 CAD ($125 USD), with some practitioners offering a sliding scale. Some providers are required to charge tax as well.

Interested Providers

If you are interested in applying to be an approved provider of personal sessions and consultations to support students in the EQUUSOMA® training, please review the pre-requisites here. Does someone you know meet the criteria but is not on the list? Please have them send their résumé or CV to