Student Streams and Teams

Trauma can be found in any room or round pen.

This is why the EQUUSOMA® Certificate Training is geared towards four streams of professionals.

Rather than being a strictly equine-assisted psychotherapy/learning (EAPL) training, EQUUSOMA® is broader in application. While it can be used as a standalone EAPL approach or to enhance other EAPL approaches, it can also be used by horse trainers, equine behaviour consultants, horsemanship professionals, and equine health professionals within their scopes of practice.

In short, EQUUSOMA® is about the horse-human relationship, regardless of context.

Student Streams

  • STREAM 1: Equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning practitioners regardless of approach (whether as the mental health professional, the experiential learning or healing professional, the equine professional, or as someone with cross-training and qualifications in two or more of these categories). This category also includes therapeutic (or adaptive) riding instructors and hippotherapy practitioners
  • STREAM 2: Horse trainers, equine behaviourists, horsemanship instructors, riding coaches, or other equine health or bodywork professionals
  • STREAM 3: Somatic Experiencing® students and practitioners
  • STREAM 4: Health, helping, healing, learning and coaching professionals with a clearly defined scope of practice who do not have a background in either 1. or 3.

Training modules have different combinations of students from these four streams, allowing a rich opportunity for individuals from each background to learn from one another. The material is relevant to many scopes of practice, and training participants will be exploring how to integrate what they have learned into the context of their own work and existing approaches.

We Value Teamwork!

Pairs or triads: Attending the training with the person you partner with to offer your services (if this applies to you) is encouraged to integrate the material. A 10% discount is offered to pairs or triads of co-facilitators (or pairs or triads of people who jointly offer services) who register for the same live in-person modules together. This does not apply to the online Fundamentals.

Larger Groups: Sometimes teams of more than 2 people intend to register, such as an organization that wishes to have a larger number of its staff trained in EQUUSOMA®. In these cases, a larger group discount may be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Larger group discounts apply to any level of the training (online or in person).