EQUUSOMA® Level 1 2023 (Cohort 1)


This cohort is full (as of February 7, 2023). If you are interested in joining us for a future cohort, please contact liaison@equusoma.com. Please also consider joining our mailing list or following our Facebook page for event offerings and updates.


Level 1 Online and its additional requirements must be completed prior to registering for Level 2 Practical Intensives (in person). If registering for Level 1 Online in 2023, the earliest you may be eligible to attend the Level 2 Practical Intensives (in person) is 2024. There is no way to fast track the program to attend any Practical Intensives in 2023.

  • The training modules cannot be taken independently as a stand alone training.
  • The Level 1 modules must be taken in the order listed: Fundamentals I, Foundations of SE, Fundamentals II.
  • The Foundations of SE module is required for all students who do not have a prior background in Somatic Experiencing®.

Program Information

  • Fundamentals I: February 20-24, 2023
  • Foundations of SE: April 3-7, 2023
  • Fundamentals II: November 27-December 1, 2023

The modules run from 7am to 2pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Please note: This training accommodates North American / European time zones (though students anywhere are welcome to join from their time zone). There will be a 1 hour break and two 15-minute breaks. Students are responsible for determining the hours for their time zone. There are many online time zone converters available. We recommend cross-referencing a few of them to ensure accuracy.

**Note: If there is a power, internet or Zoom outage that lasts longer than 10 min, or if there is an unexpected emergency, we will reconvene the next day and extend the training by a day to make up the time. We are unable to lengthen the amount of time each day to make up the time lost.

What is Provided

  • 27.5 hours of training over 5 days per module, taught by EQUUSOMA® founder, Sarah Schlote, and faculty in training, Susanne Hays, with the support of a training assistant team.
  • Students must attend live due to the experiential components, which are not recorded. While the lectures are recorded, access is primarily for students who have unexpected scheduling conflicts or needs that arise, requiring them to miss a portion of a module. Students are discouraged from registering with the intention of doing the lecture portions strictly by video. Recordings of the modules are available for 3 months past the end of each module.
  • Training materials including slides, handouts, and other relevant reading will be delivered via DropBox. Students are encouraged to download the DropBox materials as soon as possible.

Scholarship Spots

  • We have 2 Inclusion Scholarship spots: 1 for BIPOC individuals (Black, Indigenous, or other Persons of Colour facing disparities due to race/racialized trauma), and 1 for other students facing financial limitations due to other variables. Please see the registration package for more information.

To Register

  • Complete and submit the following forms. Training information, waivers, and key policies are outlined in these documents.
    • 2023 COHORT 1 registration form (Letter format or A4 format)
    • Student Agreement (Letter format or A4 format)
    • Please review the student preparation handout for online modules (Letter format or A4 format)
    • Please review the new EQUUSOMA® Policy Handbook – Student and Practitioner Edition (58 pages), available as of October 31, 2022. This handbook summarizes into one location the various policies and parameters that we have adopted over the years into one organized document, along with updates and improvements that are in effect as of the date of publication. All prospective and current students should review this document prior to proceeding. This document is available by request by contacting info@equusoma.com or liaison@equusoma.com.
  • Registration deadlines for each module are outlined in the registration form.

Payment: Canadian Registrants

  • To register and pay, please contact info@equusoma.com to let us know your address so we can invoice you with your province’s taxation rate (for HST or GST).
  • If registering as a team of two people offering services in a co-facilitation model, each person gets a 10% savings. Please contact us for the total amount with your provincial tax prior to sending payment.
  • If registering 3-6 people from your organization, each person receives 20% savings.
  • If you are a returning student, you can re-register at a 75% discount as a refresher.
  • Payment options for Canadian residents:
    • eTransfer to sarah@sarahschlote.com
    • Credit card (submit your details in the registration form)
    • PayPal money transfer (*do not use the PayPal buttons in the sections below, as Canadian taxes are not included – we will send a custom invoice)

Payment: US and International Registrants

  • If registering as a team of two people offering services in a co-facilitation model, each person gets a 10% savings.
  • If registering 3-6 people from your organization, each person receives 20% savings.
  • Payment options for all other registrants:
    • Credit card (submit your details in the registration form – please inform your credit card company that a Canadian company will be processing a payment using Square so that they approve the transaction)
    • Global Money Transfer (contact info@equusoma.com for our banking information)
    • PayPal transfer or by using the PayPal button below

Payment: Co-facilitation Teams of 2 People (US and International)

If registering as a team of 2 people (offering services together in a co-facilitation model), each of you obtains a 10% savings.

Due to PayPal settings, please do not pay for multiple tuitions in one payment (such as paying for two people or to attend two modules in one transaction). Please pay for each tuition separately.

For groups of 3-6 registrants, please contact us for custom pricing.

Important Details

The Level 1 training program is offered online to accommodate students from all over who might not be able to access this information if offered in person. When you have completed all the requirements for EQUUSOMA® Level 1, you may progress to Level 2, which includes the live Practical Intensives.

Please review the following details pertaining to the EQUUSOMA® program prior to registering:

While we have had demand to offer the in-person modules all over the world, we are unable to fulfill all requests at this time. However, as our training team grows, our goal is to offer the Practical Intensives in more locations. Due to the hands-on experiential nature of the Practical Intensives, a limited number of spaces are available per module. We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm as we do our best to meet the growing demand at a pace that is sustainable.