Equuscience™ Retreat



Join Sarah and Dr. Steve from February 22-26, 2024 as they lead the first ever Equuscience™ Retreat at world-renowned Apache Springs Ranch in Sonoita, Arizona!

Retreat Details

Top-Down Meets Bottom-Up Learning: This hybrid educational and wellness retreat will offer a combination of lectures, discussions, and experiential activities with and without the resident herd of horses, along with opportunities for social engagement, self-care, self-reflection, and rest.

Training Assistant Support: The retreat will be supported by a team of training assistants from the EQUUSOMA® training program, all of whom are trauma recovery-focused Somatic Experiencing® Practitioners with various other scopes of practice. The training assistants will be helping facilitate small group experiences with and without horses, and will also be available to hire for additional personal somatic support in integrating what may come up during the retreat (please note that personal for-hire services from the assistants will be on a first-come, first-served basis and that slots are limited).

Hands-On Neurocience: For those who are interested, Steve will lead a horse brain dissection, and there will be a burial ceremony on the land afterwards near the meditation labyrinth to honour the spirits of the horses whose brains were handled during the event. Great care is taken with the brains, both before, during, and after the activity. There is no obligation to take part in the dissection if this is too activating for you or against your personal beliefs.

Accommodations: There will be on-site accommodations, and when these are filled there are other accommodations nearby that will be mentioned as alternative options.

Master Class Pre-Retreat Event

The in-person seminar portion of the Rachael Draaisma Master Class on calming signals and scentwork takes place February 19-20 at Apache Springs, just before the Retreat, with 1 day off in between. Information will be made available for students who wish to register for both events.

To Register

Registration for the Retreat has not yet opened! Please contact info@equusoma.com for information or join our Facebook group for the latest news.

Registration for the pre-retreat Master Class is available here.