Special Master Class with Sarah Schlote and Rachaël Draaisma


Calming Signals and Scentwork for Horses Master Class:
A Neuroscience, Trauma, Somatics, and Attachment Perspective

Living in a human world can be demanding for horses. Their welfare has a strong link to the amount of stimulation they can handle, and there are risks involved for horses and humans if the demands exceed their capacities. Assessing the horses’ comfort or level of tension on a subtle level is a neccessity. It is equally important to work on mutual understanding, fine tuning communication and understanding, and expanding the horse’s window of tolerance, so they can live fear-free within their captivity conditions with their curiosity, impulse to explore, and individuality intact.

Join us for this exclusive event featuring Rachaël’s ground-breaking work in reading and responding to equine language signs and calming signals, and offering mental stimulation through scentwork. Sarah will provide relevant trauma, neuroscience, somatic, and attachment-based teachings as frameworks to support the integration of calming signals and scentwork into EQUUSOMA® practice. Equuscience™ students are also welcome to attend!

The master class is made up of a 3-day online webinar and a 2-day in-person seminar, with video and photo examples, lecture, demonstrations, and experiential practice. Students may register for the webinar without taking the seminar. Spots are limited for the in-person seminars, and registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Part 1 Webinar (Online): July 28-30, 2023

Part 2 Seminar (In Person): Either:

  • Colorado, USA (location to be determined): August 18-19, 2023, OR
  • Moussac, France (The Place of Grace): September 7-8, 2023

NOTE: There are additional webinar dates and seminar locations in 2024. See our other event listing for details.

Master class flyer: Letter and A4 format

To Register

EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Existing (past and current) EQUUSOMA® and Equuscience™ students may register by completing the registration form in either Letter or A4 format and submitting it to Jen at info@equusoma.com, who will calculate the total amount owing and produce a custom invoice.

If you are not an EQUUSOMA® or Equuscience™ student, you will need to either register for one of the following programs, pending availability and eligibility:

Did you know? You don’t need to be a master to attend master classes! These are taught to general audiences by respected professionals with particular expertise in order to help enhance knowledge and awareness.