General Inquiries

Contact this address if you:

  • Have questions related to program registration, payment, or scheduling;
  • Would like to register for one of our offerings;
  • Wish to book Sarah Schlote for a speaking engagement, custom training, podcast, interview, or other collaboration;
  • Would like to book Sarah Schlote for a Somatic Experiencing personal session or EQUUSOMA consultation pertaining to horse-human trauma recovery. **Please note: Sarah is not taking any therapy clients at this time.

Program Liaison

Contact this address if you are:

  • A prospective or existing student who has questions about the program curriculum, progression through the program, requirements and assignment, or locating an approved provider;
  • A Somatic Experiencing professional who is involved with equines who is interested in becoming a training assistant or an approved provider for our students;
  • An existing training assistant or approved provider who has questions pertaining to your involvement;
  • Seeking licensing permission to include some of our Freesources in an upcoming presentation, training, or publication;
  • Interested in helping us translate some of our materials.