2025 Certificate Program

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The EQUUSOMA® Level 1 training program provides a grounding in the principles of trauma-informed care, relevant Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) skills and frameworks applied to humans and to equines, and practical applications of the neuroscience of attachment and the power of safety in relationships.

Level 1 is offered entirely online and is designed to help you explore equine-human relationships in various professional scopes of practice with a focus on repatterning the nervous system, repairing ruptures, and supporting co-regulation.

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Time to feel felt and Get Gotten™

Are you a professional who…

  • Works with equines as your primary client (horse trainers, equine behaviour consultants, horsemanship instructors, equine bodyworkers, riding coaches, applied ethologists, animal communicators, veterinarians, etc.)?
  • Works with humans as your primary client (equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning practitioners, mental health professionals, experiential learning professionals, etc.)?
  • Or both?

If so, read to learn more about how our program can support your professional development goals!


  • Offered with special license and permission from Somatic Experiencing® International in Boulder, Colorado
  • Cutting edge focus that moves beyond behaviourism into somatics, ethology, neurobiology, and interspecies social justice
  • Integrates top-down awareness and bottom-up processing to support holistic change for humans and equines
  • Informed by the research literature and practice-based evidence
  • Dedicated international team of faculty and training assistants
  • Integrative program with a high commitment to integrity and ethics


Complete the Level 1 training components through a mix of pre-recorded video and live online experiential learning!

Register now and start your journey in January 2025 through our new eLearning platform that streamlines your experience of the program, with all your resources, handouts, links, and key documents in one spot.

Our Theory Modules can be watched at your own pace at times that work with your schedule.

Our Practice Modules offer opportunities to join the rest of your herd live on Zoom to deepen the learning through practice and discussion.

New Bonus Features!

  • Monthly live Q&A during Theory Module 1
  • Monthly live Q&A and demonstrations during Theory Modules 2 and 3


We have 2 Inclusion Scholarship spots per Level 1 cohort:

1 for BIPOC individuals (Black, Indigenous, or other Persons of Colour facing disparities due to race/racialized trauma), and 1 for other marginalized students facing financial limitations due to systemic variables.**Students must apply for a scholarship by contacting info@equusoma.com before proceeding through the registration process. Application deadline is November 7, 2024.

Additional Level 1 Savings!

We love teams
Being on the same page in offering services is essential. If registering as a team of two people who co-facilitate together, or who partner in offering services to clients in other ways, each person is eligible for 10% off their Level 1 tuition.

Groups are great
If you are part of an organization or collective of professionals working together and want to integrate the EQUUSOMA® model on a broader scale across programs, contact us. Groups of 3-6 people who work together and register at the same time are eligible for 20% off their Level 1 tuition.

Returning students
If you joined the EQUUSOMA® program from 2019-2023, or if you are a Somatic Experiencing® student, there may be special accommodations and discounts that apply depending on the circumstance. Review our Policies Handbook or contact us for more information.


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*Some conditions apply

Here’s what you’ll get

  • 3 self-paced online Theory Modules
    Watch at times that work for your life
  • Bonus features
    Live Q&As and demonstrations (recorded)
  • Private Facebook group
    Connect with your herd, ask questions, share information, and see updates
  • 2 live online Practice Modules
    Meet twice for 4 days to explore new skills with peers and the support of our faculty and training assistants
  • Access to training materials
    Slides, handouts, resources, recommended readings, and videos will be delivered to you through the eLearning portal
1 Payment of $5,100 CAD
2 Payments of $2,550 CAD
4 Payments of $1,275 CAD
6 Payments of $850 CAD
8 Payments of $637.50 CAD

*Taxes apply to Canadian residents and are applied at the checkout

**Please note: The 8-installment payment plan expires on October 2, 2024.

Theory Module 1:

  • Monday January 8, 2024: Access begins
  • Saturday January 20, 2024 at 9am Pacific: Live Q&A
  • Saturday February 17, 2024 at 9am Pacific: Live Q&A
  • Saturday March 16, 2024 at 9am Pacific: Live Q&A

Theory Module 2:

  • Monday March 25, 2024: Access begins
  • Saturday April 6, 2024 at 9am Pacific: Live Q&A + Demonstration
  • Saturday May 4, 2024 at 9am Pacific: Live Q&A + Demonstration
  • Saturday June 1, 2024 at 9am Pacific: Live Q&A + Demonstration
Practice Module 1:
(There are two options available; students pick one based on their time zone)

  • Friday July 12 to Monday July 15, 2024 (times to be determined), OR
  • Friday August 9 to Monday August 12, 2024 (times TBD)

Theory Module 3:

  • Monday September 9, 2024: Access begins
  • Saturday September 28, 2024 at 9am Pacific: Live Q&A + Demonstration
  • Saturday October 19, 2024 at 9am Pacific: Live Q&A + Demonstration
  • Saturday November 16, 2024 at 9am Pacific: Live Q&A + Demonstration
Practice Module 2:
(There are two options available; students pick one based on their time zone)

  • Friday December 6 to Monday December 9, 2024 (times TBD), OR
  • Friday January 10 to Monday January 13, 2025 (times TBD)

Interested in Level 2 and Beyond?

Our Level 2 training components consist of pre-recorded Theory Modules as well as live, in person Practice Modules with equines at different facilities around the world. Level 2 is an exclusive program with a smaller number of spots available, based on each venue, the number of equines available, and their needs.

Become an EQUUSOMA® Practitioner!
Beyond the training components of Level 1 and 2, students may opt to join our Certificate Track. This involves completing a certain number of personal sessions of Somatic Experiencing®, EQUUSOMA® case consultations, assignment consultations, and a final review, along with a few final submissions, in order to apply for the EQUUSOMA® Practitioner (ESP) designation.


Ready to Get Started?

Trauma can show up in any room and round pen. To quote Peter Levine, while trauma is a fact of life, it does not have to be a life sentence… for humans or equines. We look forward to you joining the herd! *Registration closes when the cohort is sold out or on January 2, 2025.